E-car charging infrastructure for retail and shopping centers

Equip your company with modern charging infrastructure and win new customers through additional benefits while shopping.
By setting up charging stations for e-vehicles, you not only offer an additional service for the duration of your customers’ shopping, but also become a hotspot for potential new customers who combine your shopping, errands and leisure activities with charging your e-vehicle.

Wartung und Montage E-Auto Ladestationen & Photovoltaik

Installation & Service

Monitoring von E-Auto Ladestationen

Billing & Monitoring

Sichtbarkeit Ladestationen

Marketing & Visibility

Mehr Gäste gewinnen durch E-Auto Ladestationen

Gain new clients

The fact that the customer also spends more time at the location due to the loading times, in which basic needs such as eating and drinking have to be met, also increases customer loyalty and thus leads to recommendations and recurring income.

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Ladestationen für Einkaufszentren und Handel

Production facility in Graz, Austria

This company has several innovative charging stations with a type 2 socket.
So every customer, regardless of whether with Type 1 or Type 2 charging standard, can conveniently charge his vehicle.

Thanks to appropriate locking, the charging process cannot be interrupted by third parties.
Charging during business hours is therefore not a problem.

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