sonnenBatterie is the pioneer in the field of electricity storage.
Right from the start, it uses lithium iron phosphate cell technology, which is why it was primarily developed for durability and safety.

With a sonnenBatterie, self-generated electricity from the solar system on your house roof can be easily and proactively stored for your own consumption.
So you can cover up to 80% of your annual energy requirements with self-generated solar power with a sonnenBatterie.
This saves money and is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment.
We help you to find out what storage capacity your solar power storage should have and whether the AC model, the sonnenBatterie eco, or the DC model, the sonnenBatterie hybrid, is the right product for your energy balance.

After purchase, you will be contacted by your nearest certified sonnenBatterie installer who will be happy to install your system for you.

sonnenBatterie ECO
sonnenBatterie ECO

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