Renewable Energy Expansion Act (EAG)
What is subsidized?
When does the funding start?

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E-Mobility guide

AC / DC, Ladeleistung, Aufladen

How does charging work?
What is the difference between direct and alternating current charging and how is the charging power actually calculated?

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Typ 2, Typ 1, Chademo, CCS

What does CCS mean and what is the difference between Type 2 and Type 1?
With which charging standard is DC and with which AC charged?

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Unterschiedliche E-Auto Ladestationen

Wallbox, pedestal or mobile charging station – which one is right for me?
What does public rapid charging station mean – where and how can I find it?

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Vergleich E-Auto Ladestationen, Wallbox

Which charging station does RFID offer and which one has an integrated FI?
Can I connect to the charging station via Bluetooth / WLAN and does this offer an app?

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Förderungen für E-Autos, Wallbox, Ladestation

What funding is available for charging stations? Are there additional follow-up grants in my state and where do I have to apply for them?

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Häufig gestellte Fragen nic-e Shop

Where can you deliver to? How can I pay and can I also order tax-free from you as a company from abroad?
How does the return work?

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Ladekosten Elektroauto

With which charging card or which electricity contract / provider for my electric vehicle, can I at what cost?
charge publicly?

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Effizienzvergleich E-Autos

How efficient are the different electric vehicles to each other?
How does the vehicle shape affect my range and consumption?

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Elektroauto Routenplaner

How can I optimally plan my route?
How far can I get with my electric vehicle and what charging times have to be taken into account?
How long do I have to charge?

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