Komp-e-tenz – e-Mobility sales training

The electrification of automobiles continues to advance.
Hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric car (BEV) and Co also present sales personnel with new challenges. Customers want to charge their own electricity at home and therefore need suitable charging stations that serve a wide variety of solutions.

There is not always a general solution to every question.
It is therefore particularly important that you can rely on your sales staff and that they are informed about current technical and normative developments so that the customer can get the best possible advice when buying the new vehicle in your dealership.

We bring the competence to you – gladly on site in the car dealership or in our own seminar rooms near you.

Our years of know-how in the sale of premium electric vehicles and in the field of e-vehicle charging infrastructure, as well as in-depth knowledge of the entire market and its developments, enable us to prepare your sales staff for the new tasks in the best possible way.

KFZ Verkäuferschulung Elektromobilität

Help your sales staff to become an eMobility expert.


– Basics of e-mobility

– Shop at home and on the go

– Tips for the sales pitch

– Funding opportunities for electric vehicles

Komp-e-tenz manual (digital and printed)


– Special vehicle training

– Shop at home and on the go

– Charging cards, apps, billing systems

– Profitability calculation for companies and fleets

Komp-e-tenz manual (digital and printed)

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