EET – Solmate

In the future, everyone can produce their own electricity with SOLMATE.
Simply set it up on the balcony, plug it in at a socket and supply the apartment with its own renewable electricity.

The panels are attached to the balcony railing like a privacy screen, connected to the storage with a cable and this is plugged into an ordinary socket. The self-generated electricity is fed back directly into this socket and is therefore available throughout the apartment – without any construction site, plumber or paperwork.

What is special about your SOLMATE is the company’s own measurement technology, which enables your SOLMATE to recognize whether you are currently using electricity at home.
Thanks to this measuring technology, your SOLMATE is so clever that it only supplies electricity when you use it somewhere in your home. He stores the rest in his battery.
This solution ensures that 100% of your precious solar power is used by yourself. Since you also do not feed any electricity back into the network, you do not have to argue with your network operator about feed-in tariffs.

EET Solmate
EET Solmate

EET Solmate